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Hotels in Odessa, Ukraine with discounts, accommodation online with instant confirmation. From cheap to luxury hotels in Odessa. Accommodation Odessa (Ukraine) – live availability and prices for all hotels in Odessa. More than 20 hotels. No booking fees only guaranteed reservations. Only real guests reviews about Odessa Hotels.

3* Alexandrovskiy Hotel Odessa
Alexandrovskiy Hotel Odessa
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 69.00 €

 The new 3* stars Alexandrovskiy Hotel was opened in the heart of Odessa on Alexander Avenue in August 2011. The hotel is located not far from major street and sides of interest in Odessa - Deribasovskaya street and City Garden, Cathedral Square, Primorsky Boulevard with Potemkin Stairway, Opera House, museums and monuments.

5* Arcadia Plaza Hotel
Arcadia Plaza Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 133.00 €

 Arcadia Plaza hotel located near Black Sea coast in the most picturesque area of Odessa - Arcadia. Arcadia Plaza hotel guests will enjoy the atmosphere of luxury, pleasure and superior service in one of the best Hotels in Odessa. Accommodation in Arcadia area - center of Odessa nightlife, sandy beaches, restaurants and beautiful nature. Hotel Arcadia Plaza offers 24 luxury rooms that will satisfy the taste of most demand guests. Room reservation in Arcadia Plaza on Odessa Hotels Online.

2* Astro Hotel Odessa
Astro Hotel Odessa
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 20.00 €

 Hotel Astro is located on the sea coast, two kilometers from the famous "Luzanovka" and nine kilometers from the historical center of Odessa. The close hotel location to one of the main road arteries of the city will allow you in shortest time to get in any area of Odessa.

3* Ayvazovsky Hotel
Ayvazovsky Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 64.00 €

 Hotel Ayvazovsky offers premium class accommodation in Odessa city center. Ayvazovsky hotel located in just few minutes walk from the Opera and Ballet Theatre and Philharmonic. Huge number of boutiques, stores, cafes and restaurants surrounds Hotel Ayvazovsky in Odessa. 3-star hotel Ayvazovsky provides to its guests 27 cozy rooms – all rooms equipped with WIFI Internet, a mini-bar, safe, air-conditioning and hair-dryer. Book online room in Hotel Ayvazovsky on Odessa Hotels Online and get instant confirmation.

4* Black Sea Bugaz Hotel
Black Sea Bugaz Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine

 Black Sea Bugaz hotel is located in Karolino-Bugaz Resort, 60 km from Odessa. It offers you comfortable rooms with breathtaking sea views, a banquet hall Cruise, restaurant Terrace, as well lobby bar. SPA center, beauty salon, swimming pools, bowling, billiards, children's room will allow you to relax.

4* Black Sea Hotel on Panteleymonovskaya
Black Sea Hotel on Panteleymonovskaya
Location: Odessa, Ukraine

 An elegant hotel Black Sea on Panteleymonovskaya Street will get you with warm welcome. The original combination of comfort and modernity gives the feeling of real holiday. The hotel is located in the historic part of the town, near the famous market Privoz, close by the new shopping center.

4* Black Sea Hotel on Richelyevskaya
Black Sea Hotel on Richelyevskaya
Location: Odessa, Ukraine

 The finest balance of modern style, homelike comfort and reasonable prices gives Black Sea Hotel on Richelyevskaya its unique style in which you can find all the delights of modern civilization. The eleven-storied building of Black Sea Hotel with its 216 rooms is situated in the historic central part of Odessa at the focal point of business activity and of the political and cultural life.

3* Black Sea Hotel Razdelnaya
Black Sea Hotel Razdelnaya
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 20.00 €

 The new hotel of network "Black Sea" is located in the center of Razdelnaya town. The hotel provides the guests the high level of services with comfort and hospitality. There are 38 comfortable rooms at modern building. At your disposal in Black Sea Hotel - Razdelnaya: room service, parking secure, laundry, luggage room, Internet Access (WiFi in the lobby and restaurant) and fax service.

4* Continental Hotel
Continental Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 110.00 €

 Centrally located hotel in Odessa – modern 4-star hotel Continental. Business and historical center of Odessa is in just few steps from the hotel. Continental Hotel offers 32 rooms different categories for hospitality in Odessa. Hotel Continental is a perfect place for work and comfortable rest in Odessa. Cheapest accommodation and guaranteed booking on Odessa Hotels Online. Get best price for Hotel Continental in Odessa.

3* Corona Hotel
Corona Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 51.00 €

 Corona Hotel & Apartments is situated in the recreation and entertainment center of Odessa - in Arcadia, in the new elite high-rise building and occupies two floors, in two-minute walk from the seafront with numerous beaches, cozy cafes with a most striking prospect over sea and popular night clubs.

0* Deribas Hotel
Deribas Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 32.00 €

 Hotel Deribas was opened in the year 2010 in the beautiful historic building at the intersection of Deribasovskaya Street and the Greek Square. Deribas Hotel - a modern hotel in the main historical and business part of Odessa. Hotel Deribas offers you comfortable accommodation which corresponds to all European standards.

4* Grand Pettine Hotel
Grand Pettine Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 93.00 €

 Grand Pettine Hotel is located in a very picturesque and scenic district called Odessa's Riviera. Each room in Hotel Grand Pettine is with beautiful sea view. For comfort accommodation in Odessa, hotel Grand Pettine offers 90 rooms of different categories. The rooms in hotel are decorated in calm pastel colours and equipped up to the latest world standards. Odessa Hotels Online provides direct hotel booking with instant confirmation and 24 hours customer support. Special offers and discounts in Grand Pettine hotel – online!

3* Hrustalniy Dom Hotel
Hrustalniy Dom Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 54.00 €

 3-star hotel in Odessa – Hrustalniy Dom Hotel is located in 5 minutes away from the beautiful sandy beaches of the Black Sea. Hotel Hrustalniy Dom offers everything for guests’ wonderful rest, good mood and happy feelings. Hrustalniy Dom Hotel in Odessa is a place where you can relax from the urban bustle, enjoy the fresh air. Hrustalniy Dom has all conditions both for people who just come for a vacation to Odessa and for the businessmen. Room reservation in Hotel Hrustalniy Dom – Online!

3* Kapri Hotel
Kapri Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 68.00 €

 The hotel «Kapri» will meet you with magnificent rooms and golden beaches. Hotel staff will serve you on a level with highest world standards. The hotel Kapri provides 25 cozy rooms of different categories for accommodation in Odessa. In the hotel there is a swimming – pool and beach chairs in the enclosed court. Online booking in Hotel Kapri on Odessa Hotels Online with instant confirmation. Check availability and price in Odessa hotels.

0* La Perle Royale Hotel Odessa
La Perle Royale Hotel Odessa
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 58.00 €

 Hotel in Odessa La Perle Royale – a mini-hotel in Odessa resort city (Ukraine). In a five-minute walk from La Perle Royale Hotel you may see the famous Opera House and the Sea front – the best overview of the city and the best place for rest. Street Deribasivska, the main attraction of Odessa, is located in seven-minute walk from La Perle Royale Residence.

3* Lermontovskiy Hotel
Lermontovskiy Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 49.00 €

 Modern Hotel in Odessa – Hotel Lermontovskiy, situated in cozy old town area in Odessa. Lermontovskiy hotel offers 32 comfortable hotel rooms of different categories. Photos and information about Lermontovskiy hotel on site Odessa Hotels Online. Check availability and price in Hotel Lermontovskiy – Online.

4* London Hotel
London Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 95.00 €

 The hotel «London» is situated in the heart of the city of Odessa in Uspenskaya str. Each of the London hotel’s fronts is a mirror image of another one. One of them faces the picturesque green park in Odessa. Historical and business centres are harmonically united in this area of the city. Unique location of the London hotel allows its guests to stay in the quiet and secure centre of Odessa not far away from the most important business areas of the city.

4* Londonskaya Hotel
Londonskaya Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 92.00 €

 Stay at Hotel «Londonskaya» will be a special event for guests, a walk through history - perhaps you will stay in the same room where Isadora Duncan soared in dance; or where Georges Simenon wrote one of his detective masterpieces; or where Marcello Mastroianni waved to his adoring fans from the balcony. Hotel Londonskaya offers 56 rooms for luxury accommodation in Odessa. Hotel Londonskaya located right in the center of Odessa historical and cultural life. Online booking in Hotel Londonskaya on Odessa Hotels Online.

5* Maristella Club Hotel
Maristella Club Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 147.00 €

 5-star luxury hotel in Odessa. Being in «Maristella Club» Hotel, you have a great opportunity to relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a cozy room with a sea view. Each of the 15 rooms in Maristella Club Hotel is cleverly planned in details, and equipment of rooms state about their belonging to a «luxury» class. Get your best price for accommodation on Odessa Hotels Online.

4* Morskoy Hotel
Morskoy Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 97.00 €

 Morskoy Hotel is situated in the seaside area by the Arcadia bay in the heart of Odessa. A monument of architecture built at the very beginning of the 19th century is opening its door again early in the 21st century.

4* Mozart Hotel
Mozart Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 117.00 €

 Hotel Mozart is one of the most popular Odessa Hotels. Mozart Hotel is located in quiet Odessa downtown area with a view on Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre, Theatre Square with the marvellous fountains. Mozart Hotel offers 40 rooms which recreates the atmosphere of royal luxury and comfort in the historical centre of Odessa city. Check availability and price for accommodation in Hotel Mozart Odessa.

4* Nemo Hotel
Nemo Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 87.00 €

 Hotel Nemo is in just 5 minutes drive from the historical and cultural center of Odessa. This Hotel in Odessa located right on seashore. There is a Seaquarium with dolphins at the hotel. Comfortable accommodation near sea in Odessa – Hotel Nemo is best choice. Online availability and price in Hotel Nemo in Odessa. Stay in hotel Nemo and receive free tickets to Seaquarium.

4* Odessa Hotel
Odessa Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 143.00 €

 Hotel Odessa located right in seaport in very heart of Odessa with beautiful Black Sea and Old City view. Hotel Odessa offers 158 luxury rooms for its guest and visitors of Odessa.

3* Odesskiy Dvorik Hotel
Odesskiy Dvorik Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 51.00 €

 Residence Odesskiy Dvorik is located in one of the ancient street of Odessa. It’s a fine place in all respects: it is very close to the sea, Lanzheron beach, Privoz, and, Certainly, up to the historical center of the city.

0* OK Hotel Odessa
OK Hotel Odessa
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 33.00 €

 Hotel ОК Odessa is already in the new format with a high level of service and affordable prices. OK Hotel Odessa offers 201 brand new comfortable rooms of different categories.

3* Oktyabrskaya Hotel
Oktyabrskaya Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 52.00 €

 Oktyabrskaya hotel is situated in the centre of Odessa-historical, cultural and business part of the city close to the Deribasovskaia Street, Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, the Potemkin Stairs. The hotel building is an architectural monument built in the 1909-1910 year by the famous architect M.N. Linetskiy.

0* Oreanda Hotel Odessa
Oreanda Hotel Odessa
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 85.00 €

 Oreanda Hotel not simply one of the hotels in Odessa, Hotel Oreanda in Odessa where luxury is harmoniously combined with comfort, and that is very valuable in the heart of the city - quiet. For a more comfortable stay in the hotel there is a convenient and functional appliances, cable TV, Internet Wi-Fi.

5* Otrada Hotel
Otrada Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 150.00 €

 Otrada hotel corresponds to the category of premium-lux hotels in Odessa. In the Otrada Hotel is antique and classic Italian furniture in the rooms, restaurants and halls. Sculptures, paintings decorating the Otrada hotel interiors, give an inimitable European charming to the appointments. Marble gala staircase with columns and forged framing of banisters, picturesque artistic canvases, bronze articles, carpets and gorgeous crystal chandeliers create the atmosphere of triumphant solemnity in Odessa Hotel Otrada.

5* Palace Del Mar Hotel
Palace Del Mar Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 121.00 €

 The resort complex Palace Del Mar is situated at the Black Sea shore and occupies a restored historical building, and it’s wonderful architecture and magnificent interiors are really unforgettable. The hotel can boast of glass-stained windows, antique chandeliers, handmade furniture.

4* Palladium Hotel
Palladium Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 101.00 €

 Hotel Palladium combining best price, high level of service and convenient location in Odessa. The hotel Palladium offers 23 comfortable rooms for accommodation. All hotel rooms are equipped with cable TV, air-conditioning and many other. Hotel Palladium is only one hotel which offers to its guest’s free entrance to Odessa night clubs. Book online Palladium Hotel on Odessa Hotels Online and receive instant confirmation with free entrance to night club in Arcadia.

2* Passage Hotel Odessa
Passage Hotel Odessa
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 18.00 €

 Hotel Passage - a cozy hotel in Odessa, located in the historic city center, near the famous street - Deribasovskaya. Beside the hotel there are Primorsky Boulevard, Marine Station, Opera and Ballet Theater. The hotel has suites, as well as rooms of higher category and the first category.

4* Prominada Hotel
Prominada Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 73.00 €

 A new Prominada hotel ofers their guests the best combination of excellent service and reasonable prices. It is located on 11th st. Bolshogo Fountana (143, Fontanskaya doroga), 5 minutes from the clean and beautiful beaches.

3* Reno Hotel Odessa
Reno Hotel Odessa
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 75.00 €

 Reno Hotel has been opened recently. This is modern hotel which is located in the historical centre of Odessa in the main street Deribasovskaya, in two minutes walk from the Odessa Opera Theatre and in five minutes walk from the Potemkin’s stairs and the Black sea quay.

2* Tsentralnyy Hotel
Tsentralnyy Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 43.00 €

 Hotel Tsentralnyy is one of the oldest hotels in Odessa. The location of Tsentralnyy Hotel makes it easy to reach all business and historical parts of Odessa city. This Hotel in Odessa pleased to offer 63 cozy rooms of different categories for comfort accommodation in Odessa. Online availability and prices in Odessa hotels. Special rates in Tsentralnyy hotel.

3* Uliss Hotel
Uliss Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 44.00 €

 Hotel Uliss is harmonious combination of good style and comfort. Uliss Hotel is beautiful place to stay during business trip as well as for long – term family stay. There is a Wi-Fi spot in the hotel complex. Online room reservation in Odessa hotel – hotel Uliss. Small cozy hotel not far from Odessa city center.

2* Victoriya Hotel
Victoriya Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 37.00 €

 Hotel Victoriya in Odessa is situated just in 500 meters from the Arcadia area. Hotel Victoriya guests appreciate neatness and comfort. Victoriya Hotel offers comfortable and light suites, single rooms and double rooms with all modern conveniences. Hotel Victoriya is popular hotel in Odessa due to its location. Easy booking with discounts in Odessa Hotels on one site.

3* Yunost Hotel
Yunost Hotel
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Rate from: 65.00 €

 Yunost Hotel located in one of the most picturesque sites of Odessa — legendary Frantsuzky Boulevard, the Hotel offers 152 comfortable rooms & spacious conference facilities available to accommodate any type of events and business functions.

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