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4* Hotel Londonskaya
5* Hotel Otrada
5* Hotel Palace Del Mar
5* Hotel Maristella Club
4* Hotel Odessa
4* Hotel London
5* Hotel Arcadia Plaza
4* Hotel Grand Pettine
4* Hotel Nemo
4* Hotel Palladium
4* Hotel Mozart
4* Hotel Continental
3* Hotel Lermontovskiy
3* Hotel Ayvazovsky
3* Hotel Odesskiy Dvorik
4* Hotel Frapolli
2* Hotel Tsentralnyy
3* Hotel Uliss
3* Hotel Osobnyak
3* Hotel Yunost
2* Hotel Astro
2* Hotel Victoriya
3* Hotel Kapri
3* Hotel Hrustalny Dom
4* Hotel Black Sea on Panteleymonovskaya
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3* Hrustalny Dom Hotel
3* Yunost Hotel
4* Grand Pettine Hotel
4* London Hotel
4* Nemo Hotel
4* Palladium Hotel
3* Reno Hotel
3* Black Sea Hotel, Razdelnaya
4* Odessa Hotel
4* Morskoy Hotel
4* Black Sea Hotel on Richelyevskaya
4* Mozart Hotel
4* Black Sea Hotel, Privoz
3* Oktyabrskaya Hotel
4* Continental Hotel
4* Prominada Hotel
5* Palace Del Mar Hotel
5* Otrada Hotel
4* Londonskaya Hotel
3* Corona Hotel
5* Maristella Club
5* Arcadia Plaza Hotel
3* Kapri Hotel
Deribas Hotel
3* Alexandrovskiy Hotel
La Perle Royale Hotel
3* Lermontovskiy Hotel
Oreanda Hotel
3* Ayvazovsky Hotel
3* Odesskiy Dvorik Hotel
3* Uliss Hotel
2* Passage Hotel
2* Astro Hotel
2* Victoriya Hotel
2* Tsentralnyy Hotel
4* Black Sea Hotel, Bugaz
OK Hotel Odessa
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