Autochemistry - what is it?

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Autochemistry - what is it?

Autochemistry is not a new word and, nevertheless, not everyone knows the answer to the question "what is it". Meanwhile, autochemistry refers to drugs that are intended for car maintenance.

The classification of chemical reagents includes substances that are needed for the interior and exterior, for bodies, transmissions and engines, and fuel systems. There is a group of substances allocated specifically to protect against corrosion and damage of a physical nature. There are mastics, putty, converters or rust removers, sealants for various purposes and adhesives. And all this is auto chemistry.
Sometimes, if you pay attention to the exterior maintenance of a car, during which chemicals are used, special means, like car cosmetics. Such substances give the transport a presentable and respectable appearance. After all, unfortunately, we all meet by dress.

Automotive engines and transmissions often require cleaning agents that are used to clean components such as carburetors, injectors, cooling systems, fuel and oil systems. For the disinfection of the surface of motor vehicles, an alkaline agent katryl with a detergent effect is very often used. There is also a fuel auto chemistry in the automotive industry that improves the performance of a car and prevents a number of problems that arose during winter operation. Autochemistry is a whole amazing wide world of chemicals that is important to know if you are completely immersed in the life of your "iron horse". Let's say you want to update the "face" of your car. For such care, auto chemicals and special auto cosmetics are needed, which can not only return the car to its proper appearance, but also transform it again.

Automotive chemicals are everywhere - in mixtures for painting doors or floors. This word denotes any chemical products that are produced for the maintenance of vehicles and machines, spare parts and parts. This includes fluids, a wide variety of oils for cars and trucks, fluids that improve engine performance. At the moment, auto chemistry is a whole class of sealants, seals, glues, aerosol primers and paints. As well as hand cleaners and car shampoos, various body polishes, mixtures for torpedoes, cleaners and working fluids, stabilizers for oil and fuel systems, transmissions, power steering and brakes.

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