What did the TPG registration give?

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What did the TPG registration give?

Many years ago, the TPG trademark was registered - a Ukrainian tourist operator, which earned recognition among tourists all over the country, as well as recognition of hundreds of travel agencies in different regions of Ukraine. It is a tourist operator, which offers high-quality rest in more than hundreds of countries of the world. Distinctive features of the company are maximum efforts for a better rest. Managers and managers of the company always go to the meeting in case of difficult situations, increasing the level of comfort for their tourists. Benefits of registering for an operator TPG has been operating in the Ukrainian market for more than 20 years. Having blocks of seats on charter flights, the company will always offer minimum prices for rest in the UAE, Egypt, Turkey, the Dominican Republic, Spain and even in a large list of destinations. Tourists and travel agents have entrusted their choice to this particular company because they value their reputation very much and will do everything to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their trip. Every day thousands of tourists fly away from TPG. For the entire time of the company's work, the total number of tourists is more than one and a half million. And a big role in the success lies in the fact that before the company was opened, registration of trademarks was passed. This is how the company was able to protect its intellectual property and prevent competitors from using those contacts and tours that had been developed for many years. But TPG is a huge number of author's tours, which their competitors do not have. This is a huge number of exclusive offers, for which they love and appreciate the company. Franchise One of the many advantages that the registration of the trade mark of ukraine gives is the possibility of opening a franchise. In other words, you can acquire the right to open your travel agency under the brand of a successful TPG company. What does it give? A lot of things. If in one word, then the franchise will give you success. After all, firstly, you will be able to sample the office of your company in the style of TPG. You will be offered special conditions, additional discounts and participation in luxury advertising tours. But the most important plus is that the tourists of our country trust this company. And if you open under the auspices of the TPG, then you will definitely be welcomed. This is one of the best ads that will definitely give effect. The effect that many dream of when starting their own business.
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