What should the oil in a car engine do?

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What should the oil in a car engine do?

With the purchase of a car, a new life begins; it brings not only convenience, but also inevitable trouble. One of the duties of a motorist is to change the oil in the engine on time: without this, its long and normal operation is impossible. The range of technical fluids in stores is very wide, but this does not mean that you can purchase any of the advertised ones. For example, a Mitsubishi 5w30 motor oil, excellent in all respects, may not be suitable for cars of other brands; they will have to choose a more suitable option for a particular car with optimal parameters for it.

Main characteristics
In addition to the fact that engine oil lubricates rubbing parts, it also has other related tasks. For this, all kinds of additives are introduced into the composition - the so-called additives. Their combination determines the quality of the oil and its suitability for a particular engine. The main parameters are:

Viscosity. It depends significantly on temperature, so there are winter and summer recipes. There are also all-season ones, but they are not in great demand.
The ability to protect the engine from excessive wear. Responsible for it are additives that improve lubricating properties due to the formation of a thinnest film on the inner surfaces, which at the same time prevents corrosion of metal parts.
Washing ability. It is not entirely true to talk about washing, but there are additives that remove carbon deposits that form in the engine. Some remove it from the surface, others break it into tiny particles, preventing re-sedimentation.

There are additives that prevent the oil from being oxidized by atmospheric oxygen, and there are those that help to reduce fuel consumption. Since modern car brands vary greatly in their characteristics, it is advisable to purchase the appropriate oils. The branded stores selling them also sell everything necessary for the operation of cars: they can buy consumables, auto accessories, tires and wheels, tool kits in a suitcase, etc.

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