What is needed to build a well in a garden plot?

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What is needed to build a well in a garden plot?

The drilling process is a rather difficult technological task. There are two main types of drilling - screw drilling and rotary drilling.

When drilling with a screw, the soil is drilled with a special shovel. Destroyed rock in the process is removed by a screw, hence the name. The whole process is similar to fishermen drilling ice using a special drill.

Use auger drilling is relevant for the passage of soft rocks to a depth of thirty meters. The most unfavorable thing for auger drilling is the presence of underground stones.

Rotary drilling of water wells is carried out using very powerful mobile units, based on ZIL and MAZ vehicles. Drilling occurs using various bits, their diameter ranges from 76 to 215 millimeters. Drilling always begins with a bit with a larger diameter and as the hole deepens, the diameter is reduced. No boulders are afraid of such a chisel; they drill them.

Pipes are very important for well operation. An artesian well with good pipes will last much longer. Zinc-coated pipes will be the best option since they have higher corrosion resistance. Also, galvanized pipes are relatively lighter, which means their cost is lower. However, it is worth remembering that since time zinc dissolves and passes into water, which means that such pipes can only be used for technical purposes and not for drinking water.

Pipes made of plastic are completely safe, but their cost is an order of magnitude higher than iron and galvanized pipes. Also, the service life of plastic pipes is almost half that of steel pipes.

Recently, steel pipes with plastic liners have become very common. Their service life is much higher, but the cost is also increased. They do not have special advantages.

Before choosing the type of well drilling for your garden plot, you need to consult with professionals. They will recommend the necessary look for you. Weigh all the “FOR” and “AGAINST” and only after that proceed to work.

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