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What to ask at the hotel reception

A hotel room is a place where anyone, whether they are a tourist or a business traveler, hopes to get some rest. Before you agree to stay in the proposed hotel room, you should find out some details of the location of the room, which will determine whether it will be comfortable and safe in this room.

First of all, you should make sure that any renovation work is not being carried out in the vicinity of the room, which is not uncommon in hotels. Of course, if the sounds of a jackhammer and others, usually accompanying these works, caress the guest's ear, you can not worry about this.
Equally important is the location of the place where various entertainment events are usually held. If it is close enough, you will not only have to be an unwitting listener to the festive program, but also "enjoy" the sound of thrown out empty bottles, which is inevitable during cleaning after the end of the party.
The location of the room relative to the lifts Undoubtedly, the proximity of an elevator is convenient. But only during the day. In the silence of the night, when the sound of a moving elevator is perfectly audible, this convenience will immediately turn into its opposite.
The floor where the room is located. Of course, the beautiful picture outside the top floor window is wonderful. But it is not out of place to remember about safety. In the event of a fire, it will be problematic for rescuers to reach the owners of a beautiful view from the window. Typically, the eighth floor is the limit that firefighters can quickly reach. The second, although not so tragic, but annoying circumstance is that the waiting time for the elevator and moving on it will be much longer than for guests living on the lower floors. During rush hours, when there are even 10 minutes of travel, this can be quite annoying.
Heating system device. It is very important during the heating season. A more modern system is with four pipes. Unlike the outdated two-pipe, it makes it possible to regulate the temperature in the room.
Finally, you should ask if there is a pressure pump on the floor where the room is located. The power of the shower jet depends on this. If the hotel is multi-storey, then, as a rule, in order to ensure a good pressure of water in the water supply, these pumps can be located on several floors. Most likely, the receptionist will be surprised and will not be able to immediately answer this question. But you can ask him to call the technical service and find out.

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