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What is DevOps

DevOps (stands for "Development Operation") is a method that allows you to increase the efficiency of software development by ensuring interaction of the specialists who develop the application with the people who are engaged in information technology support (testers, technical support, etc.). Essentially, DevOps is an agile approach used to resolve organizational issues between teams of experts. As a result, software products will be released much faster and tailored to customer requirements.

How DevOps came about
This term first appeared back in the early 2000s. Back then, most corporations that developed software had problems with aligning workflows. This was due to the fact that the workplaces of the participants in the program life cycle are located in different locations. As a result, they cannot normally interact with each other. Since its early days, DevOps has been presented as a way to solve this problem and improve the quality of the released software. The development of the method was also influenced by numerous books and scientific works devoted to DevOps.

Basic principles
The functioning of this method is based on 5 principles:

Culture. All multidisciplinary members and teams constantly communicate and interact with each other.
Automation. All code edits are automatically tested, and successful builds are also automatically delivered to the production server.
Thrift. It uses tools to quickly detect problems and speed up processes, and eliminate actions with low utility.
Measurements. Clear and concise performance metrics are applied: the number of hours users have used the app, the frequency of error messages, etc.
Exchange. The release of the program to the market and ensuring its operation are carried out by the same specialists who performed its assembly.
These 5 principles are called CALMS (the abbreviation consists of the first letters of the English-language name of each principle).

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