What do hotels know about their guests?

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What do hotels know about their guests?

Approximately 77% of tourists are members of at least one hotel loyalty program. Bonus programs are often perceived as rewarding loyal customers, but in reality, they have recently become of great value for hotel brands, as they have a rich database of guests.

Loyalty database data is used to select marketing strategies or to identify trends in different groups of guests - for example, VIP clients, guests from Asia, tourists who make last-minute bookings, etc. There is information that the collected data may contain personal information , for example, the favorite type of pillow for this or that guest, or on which platform the room was booked.

Digital IQ Index conducted a study that covered 57 hotel brands, and it was proved that about 61% of loyalty programs contain information about customer preferences, 60% have information about email settings, 47% have personal information - date of birth of guests, credit information cards, etc., and 25% have data on their favorite hotels and places of rest.

A good example of ways to collect information is the Golden Circle loyalty program run by the hotel brand Shangri-La. In this program, customers can initially accumulate points by leaving information about themselves. They can also install a chat application on their iPad, iPhone, or any Android device that Shangri-La can use to find out their browsing preferences and spending. Golden Circle members have the opportunity to win 3 free nights at one of the Shangri-La hotels of their choice by sharing their travel stories (in Chinese or English) through this app.

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