Why is it important to keep records on labor protection?

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Why is it important to keep records on labor protection?

In order for the enterprise to function normally and be safe for people working on it, it is important to adhere to all precautionary rules and carry out work in accordance with labor protection regulations.

In addition, any modern enterprise should have a whole list of necessary documents on labor protection, certifying the fact that workers have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the safety rules, and also that explanatory work on labor protection is carried out in full at the enterprise.

For different enterprises, safety regulations are different, so it is very important to know the regulatory requirements for the preparation of certain documents, including the OHSAS 18001 certification, as well as their list.

Labor protection documents are required to be presented to the inspection authorities, and in the absence of such or in case of their incorrect execution, at best the company will get off with a warning, at worst - with a fine or temporary closure of the company.

Large enterprises usually have a qualified specialist who is responsible for safety, but small enterprises do not have this opportunity, so it is worth contacting specialists from outside.

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