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This mysterious bitcoin...

A search engine query for what mining is breaking all records. It is clear that cryptocurrencies and everything connected with it, including mining, are in trend today. People are agitated, people want to know what interesting things are happening while they were sleeping, and they try to jump on the bandwagon of the outgoing tram.

In fact, the topic of cryptocurrencies in its current form has been sluggishly present on the Internet since about the end of the 2000s (2008-2009) when bitcoin appeared. Like everything incomprehensible, the topic at first did not arouse interest and did not find the proper response in wide circles of the population, who considered that it was not interesting and looked like another divorce.

Although three or four years ago, Facebook was full of invitations to receive bitcoins without straining with the help of bitcoin faucets from which a teaspoon dripped per hour, and bitcoin at that time approached the $ 880 mark. But, then bitcoin began to fall rapidly and reached the $ 200 mark. Many at that moment decided that the topic was blown away and abandoned their taps.

But Bitcoin reminded of itself in 2017, when rumors began to spread that Bitcoin was already worth $ 13,000. And then on the popular cryptocurrency forums it turned out that the topic was in trend, and while everyone was asleep, the especially stubborn ones continued to play this game incomprehensible to the majority.

The people, feeling that on the growth of bitcoin and the excitement that arose around it, one can fabulously enrich themselves, rushed to the Internet in search of information about bitcoin, simultaneously learning new words such as: mining, token, blockchain, and others.

And now the question of what mining is all concerned about who were inspired by the history of enrichment on cryptocurrencies, which, by the way, have multiplied during this time a great many. In addition to bitcoin, such exotic cryptocurrencies as:

Ethereum Classic,
Dash, etc.

Moreover, in principle, anyone can create their own private currency, it is technically possible, but to establish a currency and deploy your own blonchein project, you will need a good and useful idea, plus money, about 50-70 thousand dollars. If there is no such money, then you can just mine, although this also requires money - to buy a crypto farm and pay for electricity.

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