Where is it better to live - in a hotel or an apartment?

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Where is it better to live - in a hotel or an apartment?

First of all, let's clarify, what does “better” mean? Someone better if the vacation is cheaper. Someone is better off living in comfort. Some people want to pay money, even large ones, and not have any more problems. And many want to save money on everything, but as a result get a decent and complete rest. Let's see what you can really save on here.

Hotel or apartment reservation. Both you can book with the help of a travel agency, or you can do it yourself. Naturally, the second option may be cheaper, because you remove the costs that are owed to the intermediary, that is, the agency. But, as they say, "time is money." You will have to work: independently search the Internet for options, study the websites of dozens of hotels and apartments, negotiate with them (correspond). All this will take a lot of time, effort and, most likely, nerves. And, unfortunately, there is no need to count on special savings here. And you will not have any guarantees that you have chosen the best option. And, alas, there will be no one to complain about the spoiled vacation.

Rather, it makes sense to look for a travel agency whose managers will take your problem professionally and seriously, offer, taking into account all your wishes, several options for housing in the city or resort that you have chosen, and give good advice. In this case, your "work" on the organization of recreation will come down to two points: choose a travel agency and select one of several options offered by the managers of this agency.

And now we will come to grips with the question of where it is better, in this case - cheaper to live - in a hotel or an apartment. Let's start with where you are going to live and for what purpose you came. So you bought a sightseeing tour: you came to Rome, Paris, Madrid, Dresden to see the city, its sights, cathedrals, museums, parks, fountains. You are accommodated in a hotel where only breakfast is guaranteed. If you are traveling with a group, then there are also organized excursions: they will take you, tell you, show you and leave you somewhere in the city so that you can have lunch. Such a tour assumes that you eat at a restaurant once or twice a day: lunch and dinner. It turns out pretty expensive. You can save money, but at the expense of health, - have a snack on sandwiches. If you are traveling on your own, without a group, then worry about excursions yourself, have breakfast at the hotel, and then have lunch and dinner wherever you want. Restaurant food is still expensive, but you can try different cuisines. But you are guaranteed a minimum of worries: you returned to the hotel, everything is cleaned up, the bed is made, chic, shine, beauty ...

But in all cities, you can stay not in a hotel, but in an apartment. The option will help you find in a travel agency or you will find it yourself via the Internet. Usually, apartments cost less than a hotel room, and their area is larger. Let's start with what an apartment is. This is an apartment (or a small house, or a large cottage) that you rent and where you live completely independently. Go shopping, cook, take out the trash, do the dishes, use the washing machine.

Naturally, such food is much cheaper than a restaurant one. BUT, it takes a lot of time, despite the fact that the kitchen is well equipped, shops and markets are nearby and prices are much lower than in Kiev, and the quality, as a rule, is much higher. But let's not forget that there is also more freedom of choice.

What's the conclusion? You will make it yourself, based on your preferences. If worries about household and food do not bother you, and you are going to go abroad with the whole family with children for 3-4 weeks, then it makes sense to think about an apartment. Surely it will be cheaper. If you have grandiose plans to explore this city, visit many museums, etc., which is tiring in itself, and you have 8-10 days for everything, then it is probably better to stay in a hotel.

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