Cities and scenic spots in Morocco

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Cities and scenic spots in Morocco

Morocco is undoubtedly a colorful and very interesting country, with a special culture, a lot of historical and architectural values. However, it is recommended to immediately draw up the correct program in order to visit where it will be interesting for you, because everyone has different interests. Morocco is a country that combines different values, there is a cultural part that is most interesting for tourists, there is a religious one. The most interesting places will be the ancient cities of the emperor, these are Fez, Marrakesh and Meknes. There is an interesting way of life, beautiful old streets and squares, many bars and oriental markets. In addition, as a country with a sea coast, in Morocco, it is worth visiting the resort towns of Angier, Essaur and Asilah with magnificent beaches and beautiful natural landscapes. Here you can rent a camel and go on a trip across the Sahara, visit the Dades Valley, which may seem simply not real because of its fantastic beauties.

Imperial cities

Marrakech is located right next to the Atlas Mountains, this city is just a historical treasure, there are so many historical and architectural monuments that you cannot list everything. True, it should be said that the city is already very densely populated, noisy, because of the many establishments, smells of food and smoke are spread everywhere, and often the streets are very dirty. However, if we ignore these disadvantages, the city will amaze you with its color, but to travel around Marrakech you will need at least three days. Be sure to visit all the places associated with the imperial palaces, as well as the fabulous gardens of the Saadian Tombs and Majorelle. It is best, of course, to hire a guide and then you will simply get lost in the city.

Fez is recognized as the oldest imperial city, or rather its old part, which occupies almost half of the entire city. The old city is called Medina or El Bali, it is fenced off by a huge guard stone wall, behind it is the medieval Fez, which to this day has preserved the entire structure of the old city. It would seem a historical monument, but here life is boiling even more than outside the walls, the city consists of many narrow streets, of which there are more than 9 thousand. Getting here, you seem to plunge into the life of that time, only the guards with swords and shields are missing, the atmosphere is simply amazing. Unlike Medina, the new Fez is fundamentally different. Wide streets and boulevards, modern buildings and chic shops, everything is clean and tidy, such a contrast between the two parts of the city makes your head dizzy.

Essaura is the complete opposite of Marrakech, this city is very calm and tidy, it is located on the seaside and only 40 minutes from Marrakech, so if you are tired of the noise, head here. There are many restaurants and establishments where you can sit in peace and taste freshly caught marine life. The small town has a very pleasant atmosphere of tranquility, you can visit the old part of the city, like Medina, this city is fortified by a wall of defensive ramparts, everything remains the same as many centuries ago and looks very impressive, especially since the whole structure is made on a rocky ledge.

The city of Chauen, it is built right on the Reef Mountains, here you can have a great rest among all the beauty, moreover, there are many places where you can stay and are not very expensive. As elsewhere in Morocco, there is an old town that is also well preserved. Moreover, there are even those tones and colors that were many centuries ago, the inner part of the city merges with the sky with its blue color. The city is lined with narrow streets with cobbled streets, almost every street ends with a mountain view, and at sunset, the reflection from the mountains and the pavement creates incredibly beautiful shades. There are a lot of cozy cafes on the square of the old city, where both tourists and locals gladly gather for a hookah with hashish, this is not prohibited here.
Natural attractions
But it's time to escape from the cities and go to contemplate the incredibly picturesque Moroccan beauty. Head to the dunes of Merzouga for a lasting experience after dawn. These are not just dunes, some of them look more like large hills or small mountains up to 180 meters high. The combination of desert nature and such large-scale dunes is simply striking in its beauty. If you decide to visit the desert, then you need to start from here. And if you come here in the spring, then you will be amazed that the desert can be so colorful. Here, not far from Merzouga, a lake appears and thousands of pink flamingos and other species of birds fly here, a fascinating sight.

The Jebel Toubkal peak, it is located in the Atlas Mountains at an altitude of 4167 meters and is considered the largest peak in all of northern Africa. Despite such a height, you can climb there after going through a little acclimatization, the trails for trekking climbing are rather gentle here, but after climbing an incredibly colorful landscape will open up for you from a height and you will see huge expanses. Such a walk with an ascent and descent is possible in just one day, but if you have problems with blood pressure, it is better to postpone it and go for simpler and equally colorful walks.

The Dades Valley is a place that is amazing and breathtaking, the atmosphere here is simply stunning, and the entire surrounding landscape is filled with rich reds, whites and greens. Walking along the valley, you will see overhanging mountains, amazingly bright red sands and very rich green vegetation. This contrast doesn't seem real. In the gorge, people live in small villages with colorful houses, the villages are separated by gorges and a mountain river flows through all the gorges. In the gorges there is a very colorful and unusual nature, bewitched eyes do not know where to look, either to the trail, or to the surrounding beauty.

You can end your trip with the coastal town of Asilah, which was built long before the Portuguese, and was completed by Portuguese craftsmen in the 15th century. The old town is very beautiful and calm, although after a trip to cities, deserts and mountains, you will definitely want to spend most of your time on the Mediterranean coast. 

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