Last minute tours - what is it?

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Last minute tours - what is it?

Before the season begins, all travel operators compile their travel products, that is, the tours that they offer to tourists through travel agencies. Tour operators rent planes and form their charter flights, as well as plan additional services and all kinds of transfers.

Obviously, at the same time, they have certain obligations to hotels and airlines for the sale of the booked and reserved. When a tour operator does not cope with the sale of planned tours, all service providers who take part in the formation of the tour lose money, that is, they burn out. Not a single tourist operator can guess and sell as many tours to their customers as originally planned, and as a result, hot tours from Odessa appear.

Often, on the eve of the appointed departure dates, the tourist operator must lower the prices for tours down to their cost, and sometimes even sell to themselves in the negative to cover at least some of the losses from unsold tours. Such tours are called last minute and they are undoubtedly very beneficial to all tourists. In fact, you get the same services, but at lower prices, and this is good news.

Of course, there are certain inconveniences when purchasing last-minute tours. The main one is that the tour operator waits until the very end, and lowers prices a few days before the scheduled date. Of course, planning your last-minute vacation is difficult, especially if you want to get to a certain hotel or need to get into a tight time frame. You can also get into a situation when all tours have already been sold out to a suitable hotel or on a suitable date, and no last minute tickets have appeared. Don't be upset.

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