Hotel etiquette: how to behave in a hotel

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Hotel etiquette: how to behave in a hotel

The need to check into a hotel can arise for various reasons. Most often, this is a visit to another city or country for the purpose of recreation or solving work issues. In this case, it is good if the hotel is located in the center, close to attractions and business districts. Regardless of the purpose of the settlement, you should remember the rules of conduct in the hotel.

Keep quiet

Each hotel has a curfew, usually from 22:00. This is the time when silence should be observed not only in the common parts of the building, but also in your own room. Most loud noises come through the walls, so avoid them so other guests can relax. Remember that in the event of a disturbance, security may be called.

Hall, foyer, cafe are public spaces. Do not shout, turn on loud music or turn on the TV while in them. Make sure that the children behave calmly and that the dog, if he goes with you, does not interfere with others. Typically, family hotels have areas specifically designed for kids or pets to play with. They are located away from places where they may disturb other visitors.

How are coffee, tea, mini-bar paid?

Many establishments provide kettles for guests. Sometimes the room is also equipped with a coffee machine. In a hotel above 3 * there should be free bottled water - in an amount corresponding to the number of guests in the room. Coffee, tea and water are usually free, otherwise the hotel must indicate this.

Another thing with the mini-bar. Here, all goods are usually paid extra. Fee for used products will be added to the invoice.

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