How multilinks can help you communicate with your customers more easily

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How multilinks can help you communicate with your customers more easily

If you sell your products on Instagram, then you probably already know that this social network does not allow users to post more than one link in the profile description. This greatly interferes with doing business: different buyers prefer different messengers, but due to the limitation on the number of links in the profile, you can only use one to connect with them. However, this limitation can be circumvented by using services that offer services to place a special multi-link on your Instagram profile, such as taplink. Thanks to such links, your customers will be able to contact you in any way convenient for them in just two clicks.

How multilinks work

When the user follows the multi-link provided by the service, he will be on a special page, which will contain links to all your accounts in instant messengers and social networks. As a rule, this page will be located on the domain of the service that provided the multilink, but some of them, for example taplink, allow you to connect your own domain name. By clicking on one of the links provided, the buyer will be immediately redirected to the application corresponding to the messenger of his choice. This is one of the main advantages of multi-links: after going to your profile page in a special application, the buyer can immediately write you a message, and when using the browser, he would have to go through the authorization procedure first.

Also, on the page with links, you can place a block with frequently asked questions and answers to them. It will help your customers deal with the most common problems on their own, which means you can devote more time to those who need your help the most.

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