How to help a person who is struggling with alcoholism?

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How to help a person who is struggling with alcoholism?

Alcohol dependence is a serious problem that can and should be dealt with. But the main component of success in this difficult struggle is the desire and motivation of the addict himself. If a person has turned to a drug treatment clinic himself, most likely, the treatment will be successful. But relatives and friends must not forget that their support is also important, especially at the initial stage.

What can loved ones do

First of all, you should not drink alcohol at the initial stages of the addict's struggle with the disease. It is not worth keeping it at home, arranging evenings with alcohol, and it is not even recommended to drink it outside the house. Even if it does not cause a breakdown, it will lead to some psychological discomfort in the addict.

Remind him constantly that you are proud of him, he is on the right track. Even if your loved one has previously tried to quit drinking, but relapses have occurred, do not allow yourself to doubt. Say that this time everything will work out for sure.

Support the addict in his hobby. Often people who have given up alcohol, which was an important part of their life, are looking for a new occupation. You can help with the search (sign up for a gym together or just go for an evening walk). Even if a person is engaged in something in your opinion meaningless, you should not tell him about it. Any support in his desire to find a new meaning in life is important.

Do not blame the person for what he did while intoxicated. Believe me, most likely, he already feels a sense of shame. Your constant pressure can only exacerbate it, leading to a breakdown. Better concentrate your attention on the fact that after giving up alcohol, he began to look better, he has more strength, he spends time with loved ones more often, which you are very happy about.

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