How to buy a sink correctly

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How to buy a sink correctly

When buying a sink for the kitchen, you should pay attention to the following details:

Please note that the sink must be very spacious and deep,
Think about whether the sink needs a wing, and how many bowls there will be,
Ask if there is an automatic valve in the sink. And also, is it provided for the installation of a tap for filtering water at the sink.

As for the design, bowls in sinks are round, rectangular. They are also divided into: one-, two- and one and a half hours. But, much more often they buy square or rectangular sinks, since they easily fit into kitchen furniture.

Also, recently, corner models of sinks have been very popular. Such sinks, as a rule, consist of two bowls. These bowls are located in one line, and if desired, they can also be located at an angle of 45 degrees.
Two-bowl sinks made of artificial stone are considered more convenient, one is for washing dishes, and the second is for defrosting food, etc. If the size of your kitchen does not allow installing a two-bowl sink, then you can buy a one-and-a-half sink. Many people buy a one-bowl sink.

It is worth considering choosing a sink with a drainer that will act as a countertop. You can put hot dishes on it, the water that gets on the wing will completely drain into the bowl. It is worth noting that you should not buy very deep sinks, the most acceptable option would be a sink with a bowl depth of 140 to 200 mm.

According to the method of installation, sinks can be divided into: mortise and overhead. Mortise sinks are purchased when your kitchen set has a single worktop in which you will need to install the sink. The cost of installing such a sink will be slightly higher than the invoice. In other cases, it is advised to buy an overhead sink, it can be easily mounted on a separate cabinet, without a countertop. That is, sinks for installation differ in the design of the attachment, side.

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