How to fertilize your lawn correctly

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How to fertilize your lawn correctly

The growth of plants, and with them the growth of grasses, by and large depends on the percentage of nutrients in the soil cover, which are assimilated by plants through the root system. To replenish the stock of mineral compounds that are so necessary for plants, there are fertilizers applied to the soil for the lawn. But this reserve must be periodically replenished due to its regular decrease as a result of the mowing of the grass and washing out by rainwater into the deep soil layers.

For plants, both an excess of fertilizers and a lack of them are equally harmful, therefore, it is advisable to give preference to special balanced fertilizers for lawns. When using them, it is important to strictly follow the recommendations of the manufacturers.
Before buying and applying fertilizers, the lawn should be mowed. This measure will contribute to a deeper penetration of minerals into the soil. If it is necessary to spread fertilizers over the surface of the lawn, it is advisable to pre-dissolve them in water.

As a rule, lawns need fertilization during certain periods of their development. Feeding with phosphorus supplements can stimulate the development and growth of the root system. It should be carried out in late autumn, once every few years, due to the fact that phosphorus is inherent in the ability to remain in the soil for a long time, therefore, excessive accumulation of these elements should not be allowed.

Potassium is characterized by easy leaching into a deeper soil layer and therefore it is recommended to use potash fertilizers at least several times a year. As you know, in sandy light soils, this element is present in smaller quantities, and as a result, such a fertile cover needs more potash fertilizers than heavy soil.

Fast acting nitrogen fertilizers are applied at the beginning of the summer period, their use allows you to stimulate the growth of grass. After verticulation (towards the end of May - beginning of June), the lawns are fed.

In the case of frequent use of lawns, it is advisable to feed them with a full range of fertilizers in the spring, and during the season a couple of additional fertilizing with ammonium sulfates should be carried out.

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