How to choose a perfume for a woman?

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How to choose a perfume for a woman?

Spirits are able to convey your personality, add self-confidence. However, they should be in harmony with your temperament, and also ideally suited to this case. Perfumes are aromas, that is, they can improve mood, or aggravate it. Therefore, it is so important to be able to choose a perfume in a bottle for yourself, says a blog for women.

How to choose the right perfume?
EDT is eau de toilette, while EDP is perfume. They differ in the concentration of essence. Of course, perfumes have a more intense smell, because up to 15 - 30% of aromatic essential oils are included in their composition. In toilet water, only 5-10%.

Aromatic notes
After several hours of spraying the body with perfumes, they begin to smell completely different. Why is this happening? Because perfumes do not consist of one, but of three notes of aroma. All these notes complement each other. Each of the aromas contains a composition of the top note, middle note, and base note. Head note - another name is a high note, or top note. This note is noticeable immediately after opening the bottle of perfume. On the skin lasts from 15 to 30 minutes. It consists of perishable products, fairly volatile aromatic components.

The note of the heart is called differently, the note is central. It is reflected in 30 minutes after the application. It lasts from 1 to 2 hours on the skin. Base Note - The end note is also called a base note. You feel it as the last, although the creation of this smell begins from this note. You can say about it as the most important composition of aromas in perfumery. It contains aromas that last for several hours.

Aromatic substances
To choose the perfect fragrance for yourself - you need to know the components of perfume that are used to produce them. The smells of animal origin are used, and these are smell catchers. They are used in minimal quantities, but the smell is quite intense.

Aromatic substances of animal origin:

Ambergris - a substance from the food wires of sperm whales. The smell of fresh ambergris resembles the smell of fish, so it can be used only after complete drying. Ambergris adds a warm touch to perfume.
Civetta - allocation of glands. The smell is heavy, but sensual. A beaver stream is a substance by which beavers lubricate their fur. Spirits thanks to him have a fairly clear glow.
Musk - secretions from the glands. Together with alcohol gives a sensual aroma. The most famous latch.

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