How to choose a filter for a ventilation system?

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How to choose a filter for a ventilation system?

A person spends a lot of time indoors, therefore, the quality of the air he breathes is undoubtedly very important. Ventilation systems with properly installed and high-quality filters will help to make the air cleaner and better. At the inlet of modern ventilation systems, filtering materials are installed, which fulfill the main task of ensuring hygienic and sanitary standards inside the air ducts.

In order to decide on the choice of a filter for ventilation of a residential building, it is necessary to know its dimensions and the expected filtration area. The most important task of the filter is to clean the air entering the room from dust and other impurities. It is reasonable to install filters with a low filtration degree outside the city or in places where there is very little dust.

If you use pocket filters with insufficient filter material area for the ventilation system of your home, then a number of undesirable problems can arise. Among them, an increase in the amount of energy consumed by the fan, an increase in the noise level.

In order to choose the right filter, you need to know the range of the required degree of air filtration. As such, there are no standards in Russian literature. The standards that can be used have been approved in the United States for residential buildings.

Based on this classification, residential buildings require G4 filters. They provide the minimum required indoor air purification required for residential buildings.

Filters of group F, or so-called fine filters, are recommended for use when the level of air pollution in a city or industrial area is high. Such filtration allows you to well clean the air from harmful impurities.

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