What cranes are used in mechanical engineering

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What cranes are used in mechanical engineering

In mechanical engineering, it is often necessary to move parts that have significant weight around the production facility. To carry out this work, overhead cranes are used. The choice of this particular lifting mechanism is due to the fact that its working mechanisms are fixed under the ceiling, due to which the use of the useful space of the workshop is carried out more rationally. Consider what types of cranes are used in mechanical engineering and the features of these mechanisms.

Classification of industrial crane girders

As a rule, support and overhead lifting mechanisms are used in production. The difference between them lies in the way of fastening the guide contour and, as a consequence, in the carrying capacity. So, in supporting devices, the movement of the hoist is carried out along a monorail, which is fixed on the supports. The walls of the building facing each other can serve as reference points here. At the same time, the smaller the distance between the supports, the greater the lifting capacity of the mechanism.

The advantage of supporting structures is that they can be easily assembled. Therefore, not only those who equip the production premises, but also those who are engaged in equipping warehouses prefer to buy a crane beam of a supporting type. Suspended girders are attached directly to the floor slabs.

They use an I-beam as a guide, which is able to withstand significant loads. Suspended structures are usually installed where a long service life is expected. In addition to design features, mechanisms are controlled in different ways in supporting and suspended cranes. To control the support structure, it will be enough to use a compact remote control. Suspended mechanisms are controlled from a specialized operator panel.

Operational characteristics of crane beams

One of the most important characteristics of the devices under consideration is their carrying capacity. This characteristic indicates how much load the crane can lift the beam. When choosing mechanisms, one should also take into account the height to which the load can be lifted. As a rule, the height indicator does not exceed 18 meters, but by special order you can get a device capable of lifting a load to a height of 40 meters.

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