Features of different categories of driving licenses

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Features of different categories of driving licenses

A driver's license is a document that grants the right to drive a specific type or types of vehicles. It is common to use lettering to identify a specific driving permit.

Any category of driver's license allows you to drive only a certain type of transport. According to the current rules, the driver can only drive the vehicle that is inscribed in his documents.
Also, it should be noted that there are special machines for the management of which separate rights are issued. For example, these include cargo vehicles. Among the most well-known types of vehicle data, one can single out cars. These are small unloading vehicles that are used in trading platforms of various levels.

We list all the categories for driving today.

The first category is open for driving motorcycles and motor vehicles on two wheels with any trailers. It is called the letter A.

The second category is called the Latin letter B, and this category is the most famous among motorists. It applies to cars up to three and a half tons, while the number of passenger seats should not be more than 8 pieces. This category also includes cars with small trailers.

The third category is designated by the third letter of the Latin alphabet C. It regulates the movement of trucks.

The letter D denotes the next category, which is intended for the carriage of passengers in buses and minibuses.

Also recently, a new category for ATVs and city mopeds was approved, it was designated the letter M.

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