Artificial stone kitchen countertop

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Artificial stone kitchen countertop

Everyone knows that the kitchen set is the main decoration of the kitchen space and its main content, in a word, sets the tone for the room. The "appearance" of the frame of cabinets, pedestals and wall-mounted special cabinets has practically no effect on the design and style of the kitchen. The main thing in this kind of furniture is, of course, the facades. It is their choice that should be approached with special attention: and in particular to the texture, material, color and surface. However, an extremely important role, in addition to the kitchen facades, is played by a well-thought-out work area, and, of course, the countertop. Moreover, it is the latter that undergoes rather difficult tests. Therefore, when choosing this part of kitchen furniture, in addition to its appearance, one should also take into account the quality of its material.

Most designers call kitchen countertops tops of kitchen sets. This product is presented in the form of a plate, which can be monolithic or combined from several components; it is usually attached to kitchen cabinets.
Today countertops made of artificial materials are the most demanded. They are reliable, original, and they look solid. The cost of such products is often much lower than that of natural materials. Currently, several composite materials for countertops are in the greatest demand, in particular: agglomerate and acrylic stone. Materials of this type are composites, which consist of fillers, in the role of which mineral or stone chips can act, in addition, resins are necessarily present here as binding elements.

So, when making a choice between agglomerate and acrylic stones, experts also recommend paying attention and taking into account one more important point: today, kitchen countertops of various geometric shapes are created from acrylic stone, and only simple rectangular products are created from agglomerates.

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