Contraceptive methods

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Contraceptive methods

Nothing should distract from the pleasure obtained from the process. Having sex is no exception. Indeed, what kind of pleasure can we talk about if the head is busy with fears caused by the risk of getting an infection or, even worse, getting pregnant? Contraceptives to help you, dear lovers! Fortunately, we do not live in the Stone Age, when, in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy, they used fish bladders or animal offal.


The modern adaptation of the contraceptives mentioned above is the condom, which is rightfully considered the most reliable of all safer sex options. Nevertheless, not all couples are in a hurry to take advantage of it: some are hindered by beliefs like "rubber reduces sensations", some are not naturally endowed with high sensitivity, and others are completely allergic to latex or lubricant of the contex classic condom buy now will not be difficult. For such people, there are so many things on the contraceptive market that their eyes run wide.

Birth control pills

For example, birth control pills are a great option for a stable couple who are not in a hurry with their offspring. But it is highly discouraged to buy these drugs on your own, so as not to harm your health. A doctor who has in front of him the results of analyzes of the general condition and hormonal levels of the woman's body should select contraceptive pills. Another important nuance is that these pills must be taken strictly every day at the same time, which is not always convenient for women whose rhythm of life does not imply a strict schedule.


A spiral implanted into a woman's genitals is a good alternative to chemical contraception. True, the pleasure is not cheap, moreover, it requires constant replacement, and is also not suitable for girls of small build, especially if the size of the partner's penis exceeds standard indicators.

Alternative contraception

Topical agents are also gaining popularity - vaginal suppositories, spermicidal gels and sprays, which, moreover, have an antiseptic and bactericidal effect. As for the means of emergency contraception, in many European countries they are already prohibited due to the harmful effects on the body.

Today, the range of contraceptives is so diverse that every couple will find an acceptable option for themselves. But, apart from the condom, none of them will prevent infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

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