Musical development of the child

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Musical development of the child


This musical instrument can fully compete with the grab. He is so ringing! Move from ordinary manipulations to more complex ones: knock on your favorite music.


You will have to learn a unique genre, learn to hear the melody of knocking. Haven't you tried? So don't be a mess. The ringing drum is ready to help.


Do you remember the rhyme about the pipe that bought the pipe for my daughter? So that the funny story is not repeated, arrange musical minutes. Let the little one blow at her pleasure. And then send the tool to sleep.


Familiarity with the color occurs every day. The child perfectly sees all the colors of the world. It's time to recognize their "name". A bright little book will help you remember the names.

Musical novelties

Adults aren't the only ones who love new music. Try to download a funny melody on the Internet and see how your baby immediately starts dancing to it.

Three fat men

The wonderful story of the tale of Yuri Olesha will captivate the cabbage with an intricate plot. Changes, adventures, fighting for justice ... You will be surprised at the crooks' perseverance: he does not stop harassing you and distracting himself, because he will need to find out what will end. It is interesting to play with a book, studying all the presets by touch.

Voices of the Animals

The little one will surely enjoy the music of nature. Tales of fairies. Immerse yourself in a world where miracles are constantly occurring.

Fun ball

You can both listen to the rhymes on the way of the ball, so you can send it yourself on an exciting adventure. A little book for toddlers with the elements of the program for what you need!

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