Why is it important to change the air filter in a timely manner?

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Why is it important to change the air filter in a timely manner?

The air filter is a consumable item that needs to be replaced periodically. Its service life should not exceed 15 thousand km. Some drivers are in no hurry to buy a new filter and, in order to save money, deliberately increase the replacement interval, since they believe that it does not play a special role in the operation of the car. This is another delusion. The operation of the engine directly depends on the condition of the air filter.

Why do you need an air filter

Any internal combustion engine requires air to operate. Without his presence, the fuel simply will not ignite. A perfectly functioning motor consumes about 15 kg of air per liter of fuel. The engine takes it from the outside, i.e. from the street. The air entering inside must have a strictly defined temperature, density and degree of oxygen saturation, and also be completely free of impurities. Even a small amount of road dust, especially with sand particles, can affect the operation of the motor, up to and including its destruction. High air humidity is also detrimental to internal combustion engines. It becomes the cause of corrosion of its important components, such as cylinders.

The main function of any air filter is to reliably protect the motor from dust, sand and excess moisture getting inside. It has been found that a high-quality consumable prolongs the service life of the internal combustion engine by at least 18%.

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