Fields of application and advantages of self-leveling floors

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Fields of application and advantages of self-leveling floors

Today, the traditional concrete floors in various rooms are replaced by bulk polymer floors, which combine a number of positive consumer characteristics. They are durable and reliable, durable, environmentally friendly and can perfectly decorate the floor in any room. Such a list of advantages is by no means complete and exhaustive. Today, several types of self-leveling floors are produced: polymer, methyl methacrylate, polyurethane. Today we will focus on the polymer, which have recently been the most popular.

The filling substance forms a monolithic surface without seams and joints. That is, the surface is monolithic and perfectly smooth. This makes it much easier to keep the room clean and hygienic. An excellent combination of qualities for hospitals, clinics, kindergartens, schools and other premises where floor hygiene plays an important role.

Self-leveling polymer floors are widely used in the arrangement of industrial premises. Properties such as increased strength, resistance to wear and tear and chemicals, affordable cost and resistance to temperature extremes allow us to confidently say that a self-leveling self-leveling floor can last a long period even under the most intense conditions of use. Traditional concrete floors deteriorate over time and become dusty and require repairs, resulting in work stoppages and loss of profit potential.

The popularity of the use of bulk polymer floors in residential premises is due to two main factors. The first of them is that such floors are realized in different colors and with different surface textures, thanks to which they perfectly decorate the interior of any room. The second important factor is the environmental friendliness of the floor and its absolute safety for human health.

Thus, although polymer self-leveling floors are slightly more expensive than concrete, their long service life, reliability and excellent appearance make it possible to confidently say that such a floor is more profitable.

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