The principle of operation of telescopic hydraulic cylinders

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The principle of operation of telescopic hydraulic cylinders

Modern vehicles for the transport of heavy loads are equipped with automatic body lifting devices.

The central element in them is a hydraulic cylinder, an engine that converts the flow of working fluid under pressure into mechanical energy. The result of this process is the reciprocating movements of the output link, which ensure the unloading of the object, fixation in the desired position. In addition to standard hydraulic piston motors, telescopic drives are built into heavy equipment. What are their key features?

What is the equipment
By design, the cylinders presented above resemble a telescope, hence the corresponding name: the sections are advanced sequentially, one from another. Thanks to this design, it was possible to achieve a high lift height with a relatively small engine size.

Produce equipment:

One-sided. With one work environment chamber that pushes the knee out. But the sections are folded due to the influence of gravity or a special return spring.
Bilateral. It is distinguished by the presence of two fluid inlets, which contributes not only to the forward movement, but also the reverse one. This option is more common, but the cost exceeds the first.

In stores you can find telescopic devices - hydraulic cylinders of KAMAZ and other models, MAZ, KrAZ, GAZ trucks. In case of failure of the device, it will not be difficult to buy a hydraulic rod for replacement. Aggregates are selected according to the following criteria:

Appointment. Motors are manufactured separately for lifting, turning, compression.
Maximum and working pressure.
Number of retractable links.
Allowable height.
Carrying capacity.

Advantages of telescopic systems
Multi-section hydraulic motors are primarily in demand due to the long extension length of the links and the compactness of the folded device. We also highlight a number of other distinctive features:

The structure is repairable;
The possibility of smooth braking, without impacts;
Versatility of application;
Reliability of all execution units, high tightness;
Excellent lifting capacity.

Depending on the body structure, you can find double and front cylinder modifications on sale. The first includes two lifts located in parallel. The second ones are equipped with a swivel mount and an articulated-movable support.

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