Job for girls: is it hard to find?

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Job for girls: is it hard to find?

If we analyze the total number of vacancies for men and women, and even make a rough comparative analysis, we will see that it is much easier for a man to find a job.

Of course, this is primarily due to the specialization of labor. After all, some of the most demanded specialties - builders, workers at the machine, in production - are usually addressed to the stronger sex.
For the sake of fairness, we note that trade vacancies in most cases assume that women who have the natural charm of a seller and have shown themselves to be more effective than male traders can apply for the position as a priority.

You can find work for girls on specialized sites on the Internet. Many recommend work in video chats; many girls will like this work even without work experience in this field of activity. Vacancies on the site are conveniently presented and the applicant can find a job in a relaxed atmosphere.

Let's try to form some recommendations. First of all, when looking for a job, try not only to tell the employer a few words about yourself, but make a detailed resume.

The benefits of a resume are short-term and long-term. In large companies, a so-called personnel reserve is being formed, and if you are not offered a position now, it is possible that a job in Poltava will be offered some time later.

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