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Hotel reconstruction

Reconstruction of a hotel is a set of organizational and technical measures aimed at special general construction work to change economic and technical indicators (total area and construction volume, number of hotel rooms) in order to improve the efficiency of living and recreation conditions, as well as the quality of service.

In some cases, reconstruction takes much more money and time than the construction of a new building. The main indicators that should be relied on in such a matter are the state and purpose of the construction. The choice of material for performing work also depends on the purpose, because a certain material is suitable for each type of construction.

From the moment the hotel is booked for renovations, it is debited from the balance. And only after all the reconstruction work is completed and the reopening is made, it will be entered into the balance sheet with a new calculation of cost indicators. And the repair results are recorded in the passport data of the hotel. The renovation balance sheet is calculated by adding the production costs and the new value of the renovated building elements.

It is recommended to carry out renovation and alteration works of the hotel once per the standard period of the structure's service life. When hotel reconstruction is carried out, in addition to renovation work, a number of auxiliary actions are also performed:

new layout, addition of built-in premises, superstructure (even a small disassembly and demolition of non-profitable buildings is possible);
modernization and improvement of the technical level of equipment (in some cases, reconstruction of long-distance external networks);
adding architectural beauty and demonstration to the building;
new color of the name and renewal of the hotel brand in order to reach a new level of quality and attendance by vacationers

The customer is obliged to organize a technical supervision group at the repair facility. This group usually includes employees of the hotel's security service or involves qualified external specialists. The number of specialists in a group depends on financial costs and construction volumes - these are plumbing, construction, electrical engineers, etc.

Their responsibilities include:

control of work on design estimates and technical instructions;
control over the accurate recording of technical supervision records in the construction log;
preparation of design estimates for contractors;
discussion of issues of installation, testing, acceptance and operation of equipment for heating points, elevators, boiler houses, electrical substations, etc.
acceptance of the finished object and submission of a permit for operation.

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