Packing for the Flight: A Few Tips for Hand Luggage

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Packing for the Flight: A Few Tips for Hand Luggage

If we go on the road, then there are always two options for resolving the issue with luggage: take a large suitcase with us, which can then be sent to the luggage compartment, or get along with hand luggage. Traveling for less than a week allows you to get by with the second solution. However, collecting carry-on luggage is still a challenge, especially when it comes to winter time. We provide some tips to help you navigate this issue.

We read the rules of the selected airline
Many companies have rules that differ slightly from others. If you do not go into details, then flammable substances (like hairspray), sharp objects (scissors, nippers, saws, machine tools and razors), goods that are weapons or are simply similar to them - even cardboard imitation are prohibited for transportation on an airplane the bombs will raise a lot of questions from the customs officers, they will not be allowed to take it with them. Many medicines can only be taken with you with a special permit. If there is no urgent need, it is generally better not to take risks with them.

Rules for transporting liquids
Generally, all liquids can be carried on an aircraft with strict restrictions. They should be in jars of no more than 100 ml. This applies specifically to the volume of the container: if you pour 50 ml of shampoo into a 200 ml jar, such a container will not be missed. Only jars up to 100 ml - any amount of liquid can be poured into them. All these containers are packed in a transparent bag with a fastener (the size of the bag is about 20 by 20 cm). Please note that the total weight of the liquid cargo cannot exceed 1 kg with all the cans. If you are flying for the first time, then be aware that liquids are not only directly liquid formulations. These are also creams, toothpastes, any gels, foundation, mascara, liquid lip gloss, eyebrow mascara and similar products. When approaching the control, take out a transparent bag with liquids and present it for inspection.

How to save space in your bag?
The very first and simplest solution is to put on all the heaviest clothes on yourself. This is especially convenient for women. On the plane, you can wear high leather boots, jeans, an oversized sweater, a down jacket, a scarf, take with you a handbag that can still hold little things (note that there are restrictions on the total weight of the main bag and handbag). In your main carry-on baggage, pack lighter things: linen, dresses, shoes that weigh little.

Consider in advance what products can be purchased locally so as not to take them with you. Something can be found in a hotel or in a rented apartment - it depends on the characteristics of the rental housing. If you think over everything in advance, there will be no problems with collecting hand luggage.

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