MOT for Land Rover Freelander 2: general regulations

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MOT for Land Rover Freelander 2: general regulations

Maintenance of a car of any brand is a mandatory procedure designed to prevent various breakdowns in the car and confirm its controllability and safety for both the driver and all road users. The list of components and assemblies subject to control is approved by the manufacturer. For example, the maintenance of the land rover freelander 2 consists not only of preventive inspections, but also routine work on the replacement of working fluids, as well as certain elements that are prone to rapid wear.

Maintenance stages

The maintenance procedure consists of several stages:

The first involves checking the operation of the transmission, switching the automatic transmission selector, the functioning of the brake system and the parking brake as well. In addition, an inspection of lighting devices, windscreen wipers, windscreen washers and headlight washers is carried out. An external inspection of the car is carried out to check the operation of the climate control, locks and door hinges, the pressure level in the wheels, the condition of the seat belts and brake hoses, as well as the level of technical fluid and other components.
The second involves the replacement of units, working fluids and individual components that have exhausted their resource and have lost their initial technical characteristics. Depending on the year of manufacture, Land Rover Freelander 2 undergoes maintenance every 12 thousand km (for models produced until 2021) or 13 thousand km (for cars older than 2021). Or every six months or a year, respectively.
It should be understood that despite checking and replacing important elements of the mechanism (for example, during routine maintenance, the air and fuel filters of Freelander 2, as well as the cabin filter, are changed), MOT does not imply any serious or in-depth diagnostics.

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