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Tours in Namur, Belgium

Belgium, famous for its ancient cities with a rich historical and cultural heritage, attracts many travel enthusiasts. Brussels is especially popular among Ukrainians; holidays in the Belgian capital are of interest primarily to supporters of excursion tours. The city of Namur, the administrative center of the province of the same name located in the Walloon region, is also able to attract this category of tourists, a healthy blog reports.

A bit of history ...
Namur was founded by the ancient Celts, who chose the confluence of the Sambra and Maas rivers for the construction of their city; in the 1st century BC, the Romans captured these lands. In the III century, a powerful fortress was erected to protect the strategically important settlement, which was later strengthened and completed more than once. The surviving Namur Citadel is the main attraction of the provincial capital, with about 110 thousand inhabitants.

In the center of the huge fortress, a castle was built, in the premises of which there is currently a museum exposition of ancient tapestries, which attracts many tourists. Near the medieval castle, inside the fortress walls there is a picturesque park in the French style. The interest of many visitors to the city is caused by the Museum of Namur Fortress, famous for its collections of weapons and military relics; it occupies several rooms of the citadel.

Amazing places
Most tourists climb the high fortress tower to admire cityscapes, views of Sambra and Maas from its height. Access to the guests of Namur and the underground premises of the fortress with secret passages that were made in the Early Middle Ages. Acquaintance with ancient castles and fortresses suggests the best excursion tours to the Netherlands in 2014, offered by the leading Russian tour operator in the Benelux countries.

Among the main attractions of the capital of the Walloon province is the Baroque Cathedral of Saint Alban, built in the 18th century. Among the monuments of religious architecture of Namur it is worth highlighting the former Jesuit church of St. Lup, erected in 1641, it preserved the church decoration of the early Baroque period. Of interest to tourists are the medieval buildings of various guilds, Meat ranks are distinguished by a special flavor.

Currently, the premises of this building, which was built at the expense of the guild of butchers, houses the Archaeological Museum. Its visitors are attracted by a collection of artifacts from the era of the ancient Celts and Romans, they were discovered by archaeologists. The Diocesan Museum, which attracts visitors with valuable works of sacred art, is one of the most popular museum establishments among tourists in Namur.

Many travelers visit the F. Rops Museum of Erotic Engravings - this famous Belgian symbolist painter of the 19th century was born in Namur. In colonial times, many valuable items were taken to Belgium from Congo, many of which are now stored in the African Museum, opened in this provincial capital. Variety of vacations in Namur is visited by numerous boutiques, shops, souvenir shops and antique salons.

The main city of the Walloon province attracts connoisseurs of cognitive travels in different seasons, many Russians come here, for example, for the New Year. Amsterdam and Brussels are especially popular among our compatriots who prefer New Year tours, but Namur attracts more and more supporters of winter holidays every year. There is a growing demand for holiday packages to this corner of Belgium in the summer season.

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