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Tours in Surabaya, Indonesia

The city of Surabaya on the island of Java is perfect for shopping, all kinds of entertainment, cultural excursions. There is a rich nightlife: many discos, bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

Independent travel to Indonesia is becoming increasingly preferable for tourists from different countries. It provides an opportunity to save on buying tickets and accommodation, especially if you book hotels in Indonesia in advance. You can choose a place to stay, focusing on your own tastes and preferences. For example, stay in one of the hotels of Surabaya - the second largest city in Indonesia.

The name of this city comes from two words - “crocodile” and “shark”. Ancient legends say that these animals got into a fight because of who will own these lands. True, the story is silent about who emerged victorious from this battle, perhaps because the most important battle is yet to come. The local nature is really so beautiful that it makes sense to fight for it. The impression of Java does not overshadow even the proximity to the volcanic chain, which is the most active in the world.

The island has a very diverse nature: here you can see majestic mountains, impenetrable jungle, endless plantations, crystal waterfalls and clubs of sulfur dioxide over the craters of volcanoes. And the diversity of wildlife makes Java one of the most amazing islands on earth. But there are many man-made sights here - temples, sanctuaries, palaces, mosques. One of the most famous buildings - Stupa Brobudur - the largest monument of Buddhism.

It is built of 2 million stone blocks, which are stacked in eight tiers. Roughly the date of its creation is determined by the end of VIII - the beginning of IX centuries. After some time, it was abandoned and restored not so long ago, thanks to the assistance of UNESCO. The temple had to be completely dismantled, and then reassembled in parts. Walls and blocks are decorated with figures and subjects on religious topics. There are many statues of Buddha and stupas, made in the form of bells.

All tiers symbolize either the lower world, to which the Earth belongs, or the upper world, the spiritual one, where the largest golden stupa is 8 meters high. There is a lot of symbolism in Brobudur, telling about the creation of the world and various religious events. On the reliefs you can see both real everyday scenes from the life of the people, and strange mystical animals. Around the temple itself is a large park where you can walk and spend the whole day.

Divers seek to get to the islands of Indonesia, attracted by the amazing variety of marine fish and animals. About 3000 species of fish are already counted here, and almost every year scientists discover new, unexplored species of sea water inhabitants. And if you take into account that corals, amazing in their beauty, grow here, and also amazing underwater caves are located, then this interest of diving enthusiasts to this place becomes clear.

Indonesia has diving sites for both beginners and experienced divers. The presence of diving schools and experienced instructors will allow you to see all the most interesting in the waters off the coast of the Indonesian archipelago. There are different flow forces, which can be dealt with only by having certain immersion skills. In addition, diving is interesting in places where the ships sank, today already mastered by the inhabitants of the seabed.

In Indonesia, outdoor enthusiasts will find many adventures: visiting volcanoes, diving, snorkeling, surfing, traveling through the virgin jungle and much more. To spend your vacation in this country, you need to take care of the purchase of tickets in advance. Especially for this, resources have been created where reservations and airtickets are made, prices for which are quite affordable for tourists. You can also book a hotel where you will stay while traveling to Indonesia. And do not forget to go to Komodo Island to look at the famous Komodo monitor lizards.

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