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Tours to Thailand, Udon Thani

If you have firmly decided during your next vacation to go to some exotic corner of our planet, then surely one of the best options for this will be a trip to one of the countries of Southeast Asia. In addition, say, a beach or children's holiday in Thailand, as well as sightseeing tours there are relatively inexpensive, but they promise a lot of impressions. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to go to some "promoted" tourist center: it is much more interesting to travel around the Thai hinterland and visit the provincial cities of former Siam. For example, Udon Thani.

Udon Thani, Thailand - a paradise for tourism
It is located in the northeastern part of the country, not far from the border with Laos, and is the administrative center of the province of the same name. Today the population of Udon Thani is approximately 255 thousand people, and the total area of ​​this settlement is 361 sq. km.

In the vicinity of the modern city, people began to settle in the Bronze Age, as evidenced by the results of archaeological excavations. The region of the country, where Udon Thani is now located, belonged to the Khmers since ancient times, was part of Laos in the Middle Ages, and it ceded to Thailand only in 1772. The city itself was founded at the end of the 19th century by Prince Prajak Sillapakhom and was then just a small village, which, nevertheless, from its very inception, played the role of a regional center.
In the 60s of the last century, the city began to grow very rapidly, and today it is the fourth most populous city in Thailand. Ukrainian tourists making tours to Vietnam from Kiev know from the guides that the American planes that bombed this country during the war took off from the military airfield located in Udon Thani.

Today this city is a rather significant tourist center, even though there are very few attractions in it. Among them, perhaps, only the pagan temple of Sao Lak Mueang can be ranked, in which, according to local belief, the spirits who patronize Udon Thani live. A beautiful column rises next to it, which is the architectural dominant of the city.

Tourists to this region of Thailand are attracted, first of all, by the archaeological site of Banchiang, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is the remains of a Bronze Age settlement discovered in August 1966 by the American anthropologist Stephen Young.

The city of Udon Thani is very rich in green spaces, and travelers who come there have the opportunity to walk in the numerous local parks, go boating on the river and small lakes. Very remarkable places are the zoo, which is considered one of the best in the country, as well as several streets located in the center, where most of the cafes, restaurants, clubs and other entertainment establishments are concentrated.

About 15 km north of Udon Thani is the picturesque village of Ban Nakha, which is famous for the fact that the craftsmen who live in it make magnificent clothes from silk and cotton fabrics, and exclusively by hand. If you drive a little south-west of the city, you can visit the magnificent Pu Foi Lom Eco-Park.

Despite the fact that Thailand is located quite far from Ukraine, an increasing number of domestic tourists arrive in this country every year. And this is not surprising, since in such a region of our planet as Asia, recreation is diverse and rich, and the climate there is such that you can go there almost at any time of the year.

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