In which house to choose an apartment?

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In which house to choose an apartment?

Buying a home is an extremely important episode in life. But before you choose an apartment for yourself, decide which house to buy it in, you need to consider all the positive and negative aspects of each of the provisions. In which house is it better to buy a three-room secondary apartment in the center of Krasnoyarsk? From multi-storey buildings, you will have to choose between brick, panel and monolithic. What are the main differences between each type?

Brick house

It will last a long time.
The brick has refractory properties.
The brick can withstand any weather conditions and is not subject to decay.
The brick has a high heat capacity. This affects the fact that the apartment is warm in winter and cool in summer.
Brick absorbs well and gives off moisture.


It is necessary to wait before making repairs, until the moment when everyone moves there and the house does not shrink. And it does not happen completely with the whole building, but with specific sides of the house.
When a fire occurs, the strength of the brick decreases, its masonry becomes brittle.
Brick is an expensive material.

You can look at a house made of ceramic bricks, and this material retains heat very well, without toxic substances when heated, and frost-resistant.

Panel house

In panel houses, the use of new materials is widespread, and therefore panel houses for heat conservation are now able to compete with brick ones.
The building shrinks quickly enough. There should be no problems with the repair.
Panel houses are the most affordable housing in terms of cost.
Rented immediately with finishing.

Cons of panel houses:

The tightness of the joints between the panels is not easy enough to create.
Good audibility of everything that is happening around.

Monolithic house
At the moment, it is monolithic houses that are most often built. They are already competing with bricks. What is a monolithic house? This is a house on a pile frame. Where they plan to build a house, they put reinforcement, the mold is filled with concrete. They wait until everything hardens, then they remove the uniform and put it on another floor.


There are no seams at the joints, so heat loss is reduced.
Good soundproofing.
They are not very expensive.
If you need to remodel your apartment, you can do whatever you want with the walls.
They will serve for a long time.
Environmentally friendly.
Soil shrinkage occurs evenly.


Concrete cannot absorb moisture and release it.
The impact of this technology on Russian homes in specific climatic conditions is unclear.

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