Choosing the right jewelry

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Choosing the right jewelry

An ideal image is made up of little things, subtle details. That is why it is worth paying special attention to the selection of the right accessories.

When choosing jewelry, it is worth considering the features of the type of face, they should emphasize your eyes, the color of hair and skin, suit the hairstyle.

The simplest seems to be the selection of accessories to match the dress, but there is a high probability of the error that they will be lost and remain invisible. According to the women's blog, it must be remembered that gold and similar metals are suitable for warm shades, silver and platinum - for cold.

Remember the sense of proportion in the whole image as a whole: the simpler the style of the dress, the more complicated the shape of the decoration you can afford without fear, and, accordingly, vice versa. Do not wear all the jewelry that you have: earrings, chains with pendants, bracelets and rings. If you have large earrings, discard the necklace. Massive earrings will attract enough attention. Do not overload your image. A combination of one type of jewelry for the face and another for the hands is considered ideal, for example: earrings and a ring, a bracelet and a necklace (pendant). Sometimes a fashionable and original accessory is able to attract all the attention to itself, the owl pendant is from this series. In some cases, it is permissible to add one more subject.

Do not forget to what image jewelry is matched. If it is an evening dress, they can be massive, bright and shiny. For a business suit, jewelry must be elegant, modestly modest, but always emphasize your beauty. If your choice fell on ethno-style, feel free to use wood, leather and textiles.

Pay attention to the pattern. If your outfit is in plain colors, you are allowed unusual, intricate jewelry, large pendants and pendant earrings. In the case of a colorful outfit, it is worth choosing more calm and restrained jewelry.

It is worthwhile to carefully choose the necklace, consider the neckline of your dress or blouse. Decorate a shallow round neckline with a collar or voluminous and massive chains. An important rule - the necklace should be located clearly on the cut line. With a neckline “boat” you can safely wear long beads, chains and pendants. Jewelry that repeats its shape, such as triangular pendants or chains with a complex weave, are suitable for the V-shaped. In order to further extend the silhouette, wear turtleneck pendants with long threads or contrasting multi-tiered chains and beads.

Remember that style is in the details, so try to think through your image as carefully as possible. It must be appropriate and balanced, and then success is definitely guaranteed to you.

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