The choice of equipment for heating a private house

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The choice of equipment for heating a private house

Each private house in Ukraine is equipped with a heating system, which can be completely different type and depends primarily on the use of fuel. Therefore, choosing the most effective equipment for home heating, it is necessary to explore all possible options that may suit you ...

All possible options for autonomous heating systems for a private house can be classified according to two types: the type of coolant and fuel. The best is considered a combined method of heating, when depending on the situation, this or that option is used.


The most common method of heating a private house by type of heat carrier is a water-heated floor, in which water heated by a heating boiler circulates in a closed loop. This option is distinguished by excellent energy efficiency: the financial costs of heating the system are minimal, the pipes last for an extremely long time, and installation work is carried out simply and quickly.


Recently, heat pumps have become quite an economical option for heating a private house. This applies particularly to the southern regions of Ukraine (Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson regions), where the average outside air temperature rarely drops below -10 ° C.

Air-to-water heat pumps have long become popular in the countries of Central Europe, the USA, Asia and Oceania.


According to the type of fuel, gas heating takes the leading position, which is distinguished by an acceptable gas price for the population, high energy efficiency, etc. It is usually installed by owners of all private houses located in gasified areas.

Gas heating boilers can be of two types: conventional and condensing. The first ones are most often used for the radiator heating system, and the second ones are excellently suited for underfloor heating systems.


Even relatively recently, electric boiler, electric fireplaces or convectors could be used as the main heating only in the absence of other alternatives. However, thanks to the reforms in electricity pricing, electric heating has become equal in terms of profitability with other options.

Solid fuel

Modern solid fuel boilers are free to work from a single load of fuel to 6-18 hours, and if we take into account the affordable price of firewood, coal, pellets and briquettes, it becomes clear that heating with solid fuels may well become the main in a private house.

In order to choose the most energy-efficient equipment for heating a private house, trust all the work from system design to installation to qualified specialists who are well aware of all the features and nuances of this process.

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