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Spain - useful tips for travelers

As for clothes, it is best to take this clothing that does not restrict movement, bathing accessories are required, moreover, will not be superfluous, if women take over the evening dress, and the men off suit. Remember that there can be quite cool nights, so you need to take something warmer. According to the Spanish city you can ride the bus, as in the large cities there are high-speed and comfortable subway. Intercity travel is best done by train. Vehicles are not characterized by high prices. It is perfectly possible to rent a car, it will cost from 20 to 120 euros per night, for this you need to show your passport and international driving license. Roads in Spain are good and free, with the exception of major highways, where you will be charged a small fee. There are strictly enforced rules of the road, so always wear your seat belt, and in any case not exceed the speed, otherwise you can pay a fine, then what on holiday nothing will be left. If we talk about food, the Spanish food is awesome and it is unlikely anyone indifferent. Of course, in most cases the meal is complete without a fine, Spanish wine. I must say that it is better to eat in the small cafe, as the quality of the food there is very high, but local restaurants are mostly characterized by relatively high prices. Entrance to the night clubs for girls is free. Europe beckons for its masterpieces of architectural art, and Rome - not the last city that is worth visiting. Map of attractions of Rome will plunge you into the world of ancient history, and you, having more than one kilometer on the wondrous sites of the eternal city, will definitely want to come back.
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