5 trends last year, which should immediately be forgotten!

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5 trends last year, which should immediately be forgotten!

There came in 2018, and with it came new trends in the fashion world. And things that were once fashionable now can be found in the wardrobe of any girl. How to adjust to a new wave and prevent fatal mistakes in style read below. Chokers Say goodbye to this attribute of the 90's long overdue. A girl with a "collar" on her neck not only causes bewilderment, but can also contradict the established dress codes. Replace this decoration with massive and bright earrings that also attract attention, but look much more interesting. So, it's more likely to pierce your ears and shop for new things! Bombers Comfortable jacket, loved by everyone at the beginning of last year, is already a bothersome accent in the image. Especially the khaki bomber, which seemed classics, is now quite common in the streets. To replace a jacket it is possible Jacket oversize. He will not only warm up, but will also add femininity and texture. The more interesting the style, the brighter the color, the steeper! Tights in a grid It seems that the world has gone mad. Indeed, it's hard to find girls who were not obsessed with this style. And as it is already known that before it seemed non-standard and interesting, now it is very boring. Instead of a large net on your legs, tights with openwork viscous, pea-shaped ornament and various prints will look best. And with the advent of spring, you should pay attention to knitted socks and bright socks. They will not only warm, but will also bring into your image freshness and dynamism. Sneakers If you're skateboarding, then this couple is for you. But it so happened that everyone began to buy it, and now every second walks in sneakers. Of course, it looks stylish, but, you see, it's very hard to spend all day on a flat sole. Women's sneakers Do you want to stand out from the crowd and at the same time feel comfortable? Now in fashion, big shoes, boldly get sneakers with a huge sole. It not only looks cool, but also very comfortable, since the load on the spine is correctly distributed. You can combine them absolutely with everything: knitted narrow dresses, a coat of straight cut, bright mini skirts and classic jeans. Corsets Corset just as quickly went out of fashion, as entered. Maybe, he is still useful for a fancy party, but to get out into the world it is better to choose something different. Of course, he perfectly tightens the figure: he makes a narrow waist, raises his chest, but the corset adds some vulgarity to the image. To avoid this, you should buy special underwear and stay with beautiful forms, without thinking about how it looks. It is also advantageous to emphasize the waist can a thick belt or belt with a massive buckle. They will not only dilute the general appearance, but will also allocate the proportions of the figure. These were the main trends of 2017, which should be locked in a drawer for a long time. Perhaps soon they will conquer the world again, but in the new year it's worth taking a chance and choosing something new for yourself. And in order to stand out from the gray crowd, it's worth risking and trying on new styles.
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