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How to register your trademark

If you started as a seamstress at one of the private enterprises, making children's clothes, and at the moment are ready to release a clothing line for kids, then you definitely need a trademark registration to your property were not "reproduce" sweatshops. This is a good opportunity to protect the good name of their products and the right to sue those who still dared to copy your stuff, giving of their own design. And so in all - any organization that produces something unique, it must have its own brand name. But how to do it? It can carry out patent attorneys who can document the formality of their powers. Therefore, choose a professional who quickly settle your case for trademark registration, you need to very carefully. Usually it offered several types of registration in accordance with their terms - this is a standard, express and fast. It all depends on the urgency of your case, the financial capacity. However, pre-registration is necessary to find out whether there is already on the territory of your country brands with the same name as you. This is a separate service, it is much faster than the actual registration procedure. So, if you are willing to wait 15 months for the implementation of the standard registration of a trademark, then you need to provide the number of classes and the colors of your brand. This is standard procedure with a relatively low cost. Each subsequent type of registration will only be more expensive for urgency. Note that express check usually takes about 8 months, but you will have to overpay. The certificate of registration of the trade mark - this is your way to the legitimate use of its intellectual property.
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