Types of uninterrupted supply of power devices

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Types of uninterrupted supply of power devices

Impulse current surges and power surges cause a sudden shutdown of the computer and peripheral equipment, which can lead to their breakdown. To prevent such troubles, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is used, designed to convert network parameters.


Three types of devices are defined:

reserve (offline);
interactive (line-interactive);
linear (online).

Redundant UPS

The operation of this device lies in the fact that with satisfactory input parameters, power goes through the network. In the event of a deviation of electricity from the norm, the battery cell of the source is activated. The claimed switching time to battery is about 4ms, but in reality it can be 20-30ms. This is a disadvantage of such devices. Their main advantage is their relatively low price.

Interactive UPS (stabilizer)

Along with the battery, there is a filter that effectively smooths out the jumps in electrical signals. Devices of this type perfectly protect equipment from network interference. In this case, the reaction to an emergency situation is from 2 to 10 ms.

Linear UPS

Such devices are able to compensate for any input load deviations. This is achieved due to the fact that the current passes in series through the rectifier, inverter, battery. There is no transfer time to the battery as the power is drawn from the battery all the time. The disadvantages of such sources include high price and heating during operation.

All types of UPS have their pros and cons. As a rule, the choice is made in accordance with the purpose of such devices (home or industrial use) and material possibility.

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