What to see in Hungary?

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What to see in Hungary?

Hungary is considered to be one of the most interesting countries for travel. However, many, going here, limited to walking around Budapest. Of course, the city is very interesting, but the trips to Hungary include many other exciting destinations. Below are the main places to visit, going to the country. important points So while planning a trip to Hungary, you should pay attention to the following places: Healing waters. The state is rich in thermal springs, famous throughout the world. These baths are available even in small villages. The most original place of the pond is located in a cave in Miskolc-Tapolca. The oldest metro in Europe. It is located in Budapest. His yellow line is called Feldalatti, it was created in 1896. Stations remained in its original form. Module buildings painted yellow and is not similar to those to which people are now accustomed. In addition, you can ride on the longest tram in the world. It routes №4 and №6 city Bushapeshta. Their length is 54 meters. The largest thermal lake in the world. It bears the name of Hévíz. Moreover, it is available for those wishing to throughout the year, even in winter because the water temperature here is 28 degrees. The lake is located in the nature reserve, on the surface of the water line is constantly in bloom. In addition to visiting the above mentioned places, you should try the national cuisine. Local fast food called "lángos", you should pay attention to a very tasty pastries called "kyurtosh loaf."
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