Are aesthetics - the criterion of good translation?

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Are aesthetics - the criterion of good translation?

Working in translation, aesthetic considerations are usually secondary, and go after the clarity and precision. Sometimes there are translations, the description as 'cute'. Businesses will sometimes use this phrase when they feel that the text was made especially skillful in terms of style and language - in other words, when it - a pleasure to read. This raises the question of aesthetics in translation, however: How important is it that your target text to be 'nice?' The answer is a little bit slippery in that it depends a lot on the nature of the work that you do in the first place, but the short answer - that he usually it does not matter - or at least it does not matter nearly as well as the clarity and accuracy. Nature of work However, the material that you transfer, there is an important aesthetic, which is located in the translation. An obvious example would be a new translation. While accuracy and fidelity to the original remain important, the style you work is just as important to the perceived success of the work. Of course, when it comes to the translation very often readers to interpret a novel or a poem, or a play can not read it in the original language, and therefore can not have any way to compare your style to the original. They are still, however, enjoy your choice of language, even if they are not completely accurate. Thus, the artistic translation can achieve the goal, even if it is not very close to the original way - and in such cases may aesthetics more important than accuracy. superior accuracy However, the vast majority of the projects, accuracy and fidelity to the original in terms of the value of the principal, and almost every client with whom ever worked translation, would gladly have traded pretty language for a more precise text. There is no rule that says that you can not have both - but you should also consider the time factor. Much of the work of translation is in a very busy schedule, translating your documents should look like so that it reads like a poem, can be spectacular, but if you need extra week to achieve, no one will be impressed - trust me. On the other hand, a tiny amount of aesthetic sense in your translations is very important because your translations should be readable. If you capture the information accurately, but your suggestions so tortured that they are difficult to read, you've failed - clarity requires a bit of style. Thus, while you can not devote much time to it, you really need to include a line of aesthetic quality to your work of translation. The lower threshold? Clarity is always superior aesthetics in the translation. Almost always preferable to have a text that is easy to say and understand than one that is 'nice' - but there are always exceptions to every rule.
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