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Attractions Adler that are worth visiting

Today, tourism industry is developing rapidly. Many people have the opportunity to visit all corners of the globe. However, those who want to spend a holiday of fun and useful, not necessarily fly to western resorts. Rest in Adler, too, can be interesting and exciting. It allows everyone to realize their desires and aspirations, to get a lot of positive. The main thing is to organize everything. "Southern culture" This arboretum area of ​​19 hectares, which is located near the Mzymta River. It was founded in 1910 by the famous decorator Regel. Here you can watch more than 5000 variety of plants, from 300-year-old oak, cherry and cedar Atlas to pampas grass, camellias and exotic roses. The area is decorated in European style: trees and shrubs harmoniously 'mixed' with meadows and ponds. Apery This is an unusual place you can find in the area Merry village (near the Abkhaz border). It is worth noting that this Primatological center is among the first in the world. Today it belongs to the Research Institute of Medical Primatology. The enclosures contains about 4000 species of monkeys, including the green monkeys and lapunderov. It is noteworthy that in the nursery center is a monument - a space capsule in which the brave animals returned to Earth from space travel. Total space was visited by 12 monkeys reared in the nursery, two of them spent on the ship almost 14 days. Trout farming Tribal trout plant - one of the most visited tourist destinations. It can be found in the picturesque village of Cossack Broad at Trout Street. This is the only farm in Russia, where the fry grow. On its territory there are 41 pond. Anyone can go fishing by yourself, and then enjoy a freshly prepared trout at an affordable price.
Дед Мороз и Снегурочка на дом Дед Мороз на дом - заказ Деда Мороза для детей, вызов Деда Мороза, заказать Деда Мороз и Снегурочку, пригласить Деда Мороза на дом, вызвать Деда мороза. Новогоднее агентство СКАЗКА ТУТ предоставляет возможность заказа Деда Мороза и всех новогодних героев на ваше мероприятие. Наши артисты - профессиональные актеры театров Москвы, выпускники ВГИКА, ГИТИСА, МГУКИ, МХАТ.
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