Good places for recreation and fishing in Ukraine

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Good places for recreation and fishing in Ukraine

The pike, which is famous for its gluttony and agility, is considered the queen of freshwater in Ukraine. There are also rudd, roach, common carp, carp, crucian carp, bream, perch, and catfish in rivers and lakes of Ukraine. In total, there are over 200 species of fish. The largest representatives are considered sturgeon and beluga. The length of the latter reaches 4 m.

In view of such a rich ichthyofauna, fishing is actively developing. If you have already acquired equipment and gear, then proceed to the search for a suitable fishing spot.

Shatsky Lakes
The structure of the Shatsky Lakes includes 30 reservoirs. They are hidden in the thick of the forest, so they are ideal for people tired of the bustle of the city. The deepest is Svityaz, with which there are a myriad of legends. Shatsky lakes are one of the cleanest in the country, as they feed on underground sources. Fishermen catch perch, roach, crucian carp, catfish, and pike here. Sometimes acclimatized species of fish come across - trout fish or Amur carp.

Lakes of Odessa region
In the vicinity of South Palmyra, a huge number of picturesque places that are suitable for recreation and fishing. For example, there are backwaters on Lake Sasyk where there is plenty of pike perch, perch, common carp, silver bream. The area of ​​the reservoir reaches 210 square meters. m, but fishing is allowed only from the shore. Moreover, the catch per person should not exceed 5 kg.

In Odessa region, there is the largest body of water in the country - Lake Yalpug. Its length reaches 39 km and a width of 15 km. Vacationers can catch not only fish, but also crayfish.

Not far from the Danube lies a lake called Cahul with an area of ​​about 90 square meters. m. It is rich in perches, crucians, carps.

Bodies of Kiev region
In the vicinity of the Kiev region there are stocked lakes where the infrastructure for comfortable leisure is created. For example, “Fisherman's Cordon”, 50 km away from the capital. In the reservoir are found not only carp, pike, crucian carp, but also more exotic species of fish - grass carp and trout. Catch is limited; up to 3 kg of fish is allowed to be released in one hand.

There is another interesting place in the Kiev region - Trophy Lake. It is inhabited by carps weighing up to 29 kg, as well as crucian carp, tench, pike, pikeperch, catfish, trout, and sturgeon. The rules of sport fishing apply in the pond, the observance of which is carefully monitored by the guard.

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