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Travel to wonderful Italy

If you managed to get leave, and you think, where did you go, given that really have not been in Europe, you should start with Italy. This delightful country where ancient and surprising combination of old and modern life. But, if you are going to visit, and this country should know beforehand that it examine first. Also, it will be useful to read about the traditions and customs of Italy. So, what to see first? Of course, the eternal Rome! Also, inspect the Venice and Florence - two incredibly beautiful and romantic city. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Milan's fashionable shops - all this, of course, also deserves your attention. As for your behavior and clothing style in Italy, everything here is pretty loose. The Italians are very emotional and eccentric (especially in the southern part of the country), so do not get too much control your emotions. But now about smoking in public places and gatherings on the beach late at night is forgotten - in Italy for pleasure prohibits data. Do not forget about the famous siesta - about 11 to 15 hours, all the shops and many cafes cease to exist. Yes, Italians love and know how to relax. And finally, do not rush to do all their shopping in expensive luxury stores - visit street fairs and bazaars, where you can often find a lot of interesting things. By the way, being in the stores, it is better not to touch the clothes yourself, and ask the seller to help you.
ПРОРОЧЕСТВА И ПРЕДСКАЗАНИЯ ЭДГАРА КЕЙСИ Пророк Эдгар Кейси в начале XX века предсказал две мировые войны. Кейси предсказал две мировые войны, назвав даты их начала и окончания, напророчил экономический кризис 1929 г. , описав в подробностях катастрофические события на биржах, и увидел последующий подъем в 1933 году. Он озвучил поражение немцев на Курской дуге, конец фашизма и победу СССР в Великой Отечественной войне.
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