Kitchen furniture - novelties and trends

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Kitchen furniture - novelties and trends

Kitchen furniture is an important component in every apartment. So that a person can enjoy a certain degree of comfort, he will have to take care of the materials used before, the layout of the modules, will have to take note of the technical nuances and think about how the elements of the fittings used will look. Technological progress contributes to the inevitable modification of not only external factors, but also the fundamental principles of device design. A vivid example are the doors that have undergone global metamorphosis. There are many common ways to open a kitchen cabinet or curbstones. However, if previously only a swinging opening mechanism was assumed, now there are many more ways, for example: Doors folding. Typically, the way and mechanism of fastening the door is located in a horizontal plane. Therefore, the door can be folded back or slid up. The accordion doors. The layout can be either horizontal or vertical. The door is a set of sections (slats), which, when moving, are combined according to the principle of an accordion. The simplest version consists of only two vertical folding elements. This is a door-book. Sliding doors. All the known technology of sliding doors in the sliding-door wardrobes has now found application in the kitchen. Practical implementation of projects with similar doors fully justifies itself, when it comes to small apartments. Ordinary doors in the open state visibly hide the space. Some time ago, practical use was made of eclectic options for closers, which are conveniently placed in cupboards and lockers. Doors equipped with similar mechanisms are smoothly closed, do not slam, which ultimately affects the duration of use of the headset without visible damage. There is an option of opening the door with a simple push to the center of the locker. The presence of railing in kitchen sets indicates a promising development of technology. The metal bar, which is fixed in the parallel plane of the working area, can accommodate a large number of kitchen items, among which there are glasses, a dish dryer and other elements. If we talk about innovations in the kitchen, the column-cabinet looks very promising, where a large number of products can successfully fit in glass or plastic boxes. In other words, the usual refrigerator can soon change beyond recognition. Designers suggest that over time it will be possible to see projects where functional boxes will not only have a useful function for storing various items, but, for example, by dividing the kitchen into comfortable functional areas due to the high side and rear walls. The best option for kitchen furniture will be furniture made with its own sketches, design and size.
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