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Education in Slovakia

Slovakia - a small picturesque country, which is popular among Ukrainians because of its beautiful scenery, friendly locals and ski resorts. And now this country offers favorable conditions for university education. Education here - good choice and excellent prospects for young people. Affordable and simple procedure of admission is an important argument for the majority of students. Among the main advantages of studying in Slovakia allocate: stable economy and high standard of living; a higher degree of security. The state has a minimal percentage of crime. operate on an exchange program students; in some high schools are not required to pass the entrance exams; free education for foreigners; recognition of diplomas in the EU; granted a scholarship in the case of a good school; the ability to travel without a problem for Europe; all students in the future given permanent residence; Features entering the university. 10 private and two dozen state universities operate in Slovakia. The complexity of the institute receipts depends upon the particular institution. Some places accept only on exams. They can be both written and oral. Others take into account the level of the certificate. The Slovak language is easy enough, and professional courses will quickly and easily learn the spoken part and grammar. Studying in the state, it is possible to obtain a bachelor's degree, master's and doctorate. On leaving school, young people have a right to come to study in the bachelor. But if the student already has a degree issued in the home country, it can soon expect to enroll in master's chosen university. Our organization offers services to Ukrainians in obtaining a visa, in the supply of a set of documents in a particular university and obtain residence in the country. We will help you to quickly learn the Slovak language and to receive general training in core subjects. In addition, the company's specialists tell us how soon adapt in a foreign country, will talk about the local customs, will offer a full consultation on any issues.
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